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After nearly four inches of rain over the last two days, the prickly pears should really take off later this week!  Everything looked good (other than the new rose bush that was a little beat up), so I was able to get some potting/repotting done.

On the patio are (clockwise from 12) two Cleistocactus strausii, or Silver Torch or Woolly Torch, an Oreocereus celcianus, or Old Man of the Andes, a pot full of a former Lobivia cluster that lost its parent plant to rot (we shall see …), a tray with a cluster of Mammillaria elongata ‘Copper King’, a Mammillaria Lauii, a Mammillaria mystax, and anEchinopsis subdedantum’Fuzzy’ hybrid, and the last pot is my favoriteOpuntia’Mini Cholla’ that will quickly fill its new container this summer.

The second picture shows the rest of my “little guys” that don’t stay outside year round.  Soon, the big greenhouse cacti and a few more from school will return - I can’t wait to repot a number and rearrange them around the garden.  All of theOpuntiathat are planted in the ground in the garden are now entering growing season, and the largest of the prickly pears is now revealing which growths are new pads and which are buds/fruits. 



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